Hi I am NITIN SURYAVANSHI ! I am a vagabonding nomad bagpacker who started as a passionate solo traveler & eventually turned my hobby into my profession as travel organiser. I love treasure hunting places and traveling the untraveled path, bagpacking, creating & capturing memories, and everything in between (and yes I am a good friend and a responsible man in real life too!).


My aim is to inspire people to get out of their mundane life and explore this world and provide them all the tools to make this happen. From budgets and travel itinerates to travel insurance and accommodation. Its all here and I am personally there all along this journey ensuring you experience this to the fullest and not just tick one item off your bucket list!


In my pursuit to finding happiness through travel, I founded Wolverine Rider in 2017 from my one beddy apartment in Delhi. Just like you, I have always aimed for stars believing even if I miss, it would surely land me on the moon and the sight would still be awesome! With that thought in mind, we started our ambitious but yet humble journey by organizing adventure trips in India, with the epitome of adventure of course – “Leh-Ladakh”. You are right again! Obviously a bike trip! Its indeed challenging and mind boggling, but those mountains are meant to be conquered and we surely did the same not just once but numerous times with passionate people like yourself. But mind you, the trip is just not only about the beauty of those majestic mountains but it’s the sheer ability of them that humbles you as a person but inspires you to keep the journey and adventure on. We soon found our mojo and perfected the experience and this was enough fuel that we needed to our fire and soon ventured to Spiti Valley trekking and rafting to add some more spice to the gravy!

Today our services range from organizing Domestic and International trips with  Leh, Ladakh & Spiti Valley still at the heart of it.

Do let us know if you share the same energy, passion and momentum towards life like me and my team does. I am sure if our energies match I will see you on the other side!

Take care and follow your dreams, its totally worth it!

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